Oct 2 2009

Some Basic Phrases in italian language بعض الجمل الهامة في اللغة الايطالية وطريقة نطقها

Some Basic Phrases in italian language

Buon giorno
bwon zhor-no

Hello / Good morning/afternoon

Buona sera
bwoh-nah seh-rah

Good evening

Buona notte

bwoh-nah noht-teh
Good night

Hi / Hello / Bye (informal)



Goodbye (formal)

A più tardi
ah pyoo tar-dee
See you later

A presto
ah press-toh
See you soon

A domani
ah doh-mahn-ee
See you tomorrow

Per favore / Per piacere
pehr fah-voh-reh / pehr pee-ah-chehreh

Grazie (mille)
graht-zee-eh (mee-leh)
Thank you (very much)

You're Welcome

Mi dispiace
mee dee-spyah-cheh

Scusi / Scusa
skoo-zee / skoo-zah
Excuse me (formal / informal)

Let's go!

Come sta? / Come stai?
koh-meh stah / koh-meh sty
How are you? (formal / informal)

Sto bene.
stoh beh-neh
I am fine / well.

Non c'è male.
nohn cheh mah-leh
Not bad.

Abbastanza bene.
ah-bah-stahn-tsah beh-neh
Pretty good.

Così così.
koh-zee koh-zee
So so.

Sì / No
see / noh
Yes / No

Come si chiama?
koh-meh see kee-ah-mah
What's your name? (formal)

Come ti chiami?
koh-meh tee kee-ah-mee
What's your name? (informal)

Mi chiamo...
mee kee-ah-mo
My name is...

Piacere / Molto lieto.
pee-ah-cheh-reh / mohl-toh lee-ehtoh
Pleased / Nice to meet you.

Signore, Signora, Signorina
seen-yoh-reh, seen-yoh-rah, seen-yoh-reen-ah
Mister, Misses, Miss

Di dov'è?
dee doh-veh
Where are you from? (formal)

Di dove sei?
dee doh-veh seh-ee
Where are you from? (informal)

Sono di...
soh-noh dee
I am from...

Quanti anni ha?
kwahn-tee ahn-nee ah
How old are you? (formal)

Quanti anni hai?
kwahn-tee ahn-nee ah-ee
How old are you? (informal)

Ho ______ anni.
oh ______ ahn-nee
I am _____ years old.

Parla italiano?
par-lah ee-tahl-ee-ah-no
Do you speak Italian? (formal)

Parli inglese?
par-lee een-gleh-zeh
Do you speak English?
[Non] parlo...
[non] par-lo
I [don't] speak...

Capisce? / Capisci?
kah-pee-sheh / kah-pee-shee
Do you understand? (formal /

[Non] capisco.
[non] kah-pees-koh
I [don't] understand.

Non so. / Lo so.
non soh / low soh
I don't know. / I know.

Può aiutarmi? / Puoi aiutarmi?
pwoh ah-yoo-tar-mee / pwoh-ee ah-

can you help me?

Certamente / D'accordo.

cher-tah-mehn-teh / dah-kohr-

sure, ok





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